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george's county police headquarters with the latest. >> this news conference wrapped up a couple minutes ago. representatives from the prince george's county police department states attorney's office and representatives from the korean-american small business groups in our area. all groups say this gives closer to the entire community. prince george county detectives have arrested 23-year-old ashley owens of hyattsville, maryland. they arrested her on june 30. she was caught by surveillance video, witness accounts, and good police work. she confessed to killing richard nam in april. she stabbed him with a box cutter multiple times and then beat5 him with a chainsaw and stole $2,000 from the business. she bought gas and then set the business on fire to destroy any evidence.
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police said that she knew the victim, but would not say how long or to what degree. they believe she acted alone. it brings a sense of peace to the community. >> it brings a sense of closure to the family and to the greater small business community in prince george county. we want to send a message on all that if you commit a crime in prince george's county, if you target a small business, that we will burn the candle at both ends to identify you. >> ashley owens is being held on $1 million bond. she will be in court on july 29, where she faces charges of murder arson and armed robbery. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. breaking news on the white house. president obama once again takes to the airwaves in an effort to pressure republicans and
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democrats in the battle over the nation's debt. the president just wrapped up a news conference moments ago. but the talks appear to be going nowhere. pamela brown is in the newsroom with the latest. >> talks have reached an impasse. president obama wrapped it did up pressure on top congressional leaders and said "we are going to get this deal done by august 2." after several failed talks president obama cosumnes republicans to the table to get the job done. >> i have said to them, let's go. it is possible for us to construction a pact that would be balanced, would have shared sacrifice, would involve both parties taking on their sacred cows. >> he has made it clear that he wants a long-term debt reduction deal and he wanted to be $4 trillion. with at least $1 trillion coming
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from new tax revenue. but the top republican leaders say there's no way a bill like that will pass in the house or senate. >> we have to be able to deliver on this promise and make sure that is done with no tax increases. >> top democrats are digging in their heels over proposed cuts in entitlement programs such as medicare and social security's. >> house democrats are not supporting any cuts to social security or medicare. >> if a deal is not reached by august 2, the u.s. could default on its debt for the first time ever. that means interest rates could skyrocket, the sky market stood -- could take a nosedive, and upload the rate could rise even more. re-- the unemployment rate could rise even more. president obama says it's time to rip off a band-aid, saying
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that he does not support a short-term deal. growing chaos at the u.s. embassy in syria. the home of the u.s. ambassador has been attacked by a mob. no one was injured in the attack but there was damage to the residence. a few hours ago supporters of the syrian president assaulted the u.s. embassy and agreed to the compound wall. they were stopped by marines. the obama administration plans to formally protest the attack and to demand compensation. the heat is on. temperatures climbing into the 90's today, it could lead to dangerous record temperatures to moral as well. we have covered with brian van de graaff in the weather center. >> good afternoon. there was heat on the weekend but the humidity remained in check. this afternoon, highs in the mid 90's. tomorrow, near 100.
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you can see some scattered showers and possibly heavy ones in the upper midwest. we will see if it holds together. we could have a scattered storm late tonight into tomorrow morning. if there is a front tomorrow, there's a better chance of action around here. 90 degrees this afternoon in arlington. there's a shot on the chesapeake bay at the mall and the severn river. hot and sticky today. a better chance of rain tomorrow. more pressing by the middle of the week. the complete forecast is coming up. the heatwave this lambing much of the country. peter advisory stretching from georgia to illinois. in many areas it feels like to put digits. brianne carter is live on the national mall braving the temperatures. she joins us with the latest. >> we are starting to feel the need to out here. a lot of people talking ofhow humid it is.
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not just us in the nation's capital. people are feeling it from coast to coast. people are sweating all across the country to another summer scorcher. in the washington region, steaming hot and hazy skies ahead of what could be a day of heat index is above 100. many are trying to keep cool already. >> taking care of the kids and the wife. >> even worse for much of the country's midsection where temperatures are expected to climb into the triple digits today, leading to heat advisory is and warnings. >> does want to get back into the air conditioning. >> in milwaukee things became dangerous for half marathon runners after the cooling stations ran out of water. 16 hospitalized and dozens more treated for heat related issues. >> people are passing out almost. >> in missouri, a softball tournament stop after two girls
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were taken to the hospital. >> it's hard to stay focused. >> in wichita, kansas, water is good answer. 111 for the first time there. that was yesterday. while it will not be that one year, it could be even warmer to more. on the national mall folks are waiting for some relief. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> we will check with brian van de graaff on that. police are investigating a collision that killed a pedestrian early this morning in germantown. a 20-year-old man was struck by a car before 1:00 a.m. class at the intersection of route 118 and aircraft drive. dominique chase was structure. the driver remained at the
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scene and was not charged. a stun gun got on board a jetblue passenger plane. the fight -- flight from boston. the gun was tucked into the back of a seed and found by the cleanup crew. it's not clear how it got on board and there's no indication it was fired. tense moments in the skies above camp david. fighter jets intercepted three small planes on the weekend. this was after they flew too close to the presidential retreat. it does not appear the incidents are related. investigators believe that the pilots ended up in restricted air space by accident. leon panetta is in iraq for the first time since becoming the pentagon chief. the new defense secretary spoke with the top u.s. commander = and u.s. ambassador for meeting with american troops. 46,000 u.s. forces left in iraq have come under increased
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attacks in recent weeks. 14 died by hostile fire last monica and even during leon panetta's visit, three rockets struck, but no one was killed there. they have sacrificed and served their country yet millions of veterans to run the country are out of work. adopt there is taking place in the district to help unemployed veterans. active-duty service members and their spouses as well. the event is taking place at the v.a. medical center in northwest. it runs through 4:00 this afternoon today. today is your first chance if you want to buy tickets to the 9/11 memorial at the site of the former world trade center. the memorial opens to the public september 12. it opens for the 9/11 victims' families prices. tickets are available on-line. that is starting today. reservations will be required. 1500 people at a time can be accommodated so they have to limit the numbers.
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funeral services will be held tomorrow or formal persuaded betty ford. she died friday at age of 93 -- former first lady betty ford. there's a memorial to morning in palm desert, california. another service in grand rapids, michigan, where she grew up. and then on thursday she will be buried next america an app for that museum --a next to and her husband at the ford museum. will and kate to wrap up their trip in the u.s. and it was a world cup victory. the women of the usa advance. the heat wave for this summer,
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>> ♪ >> a rousing start to the day for the crew of atlantis. nasa will come up and the astronauts got busy on their supply delivery work. a giant to drop filled with clothing and food was attached to the net international space station. -- a giant trunk. the women's world cup moves forward. the u.s. women's soccer team defeated highly ranked brazil in a thrilling last-minute win. it is a victory inspiring a new generation of young soccer
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players. >> it was one of the most gripping matches in the history of the women's world cup. >> abby wambach! >> the u.s. beat brazil 5-3 on penalty kicks after a dramatic comeback with a late goal. >> it was an emotional game. it was up and down and there were crazy moments but we came out on top. >> it was a controversial call by the referee that left the u.s. one player short for almost half the match. and moments from being eliminated, abby wambach nailed a dramatic move into the net the game. this is a game approve inches -- this is a game of inches. >> then it was hope solo with this shot.
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>> and then a penalty kick goal for the u.s. victory. the historic win comes 12 years after this big three on home soil for the u.s. that inspired the imagination of a generation of the all-american girls. >> this team wants to create its own storybook ending. >> with germany losing on friday, the americans are likely the favorites to claim their first title since 1999. next, a semifinal date for france on wednesday. >> quite a game. the final copy of britain oppose the biggest tabloid hit the newsstands on the weekend. incited last addition, the "news of the world issued a full-page apology. the paper's owner robert rorschach is in london trying to deal with the crisis surrounding the $33 billion media empire. no rest are expected over the
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phone hacking scandal that brought down the news of the world. the death toll in russia has climbed to 41 people after an overcrowded progress sank in the river. eight people are still missing. the cruise ship was carrying 208 people when it down a mountain -- when it went down two miles offshore. it was only license to carry 120 people. 80 survivors were pulled from the water by rescuers. the boat was having engine trouble and it sat out on the excursion. it turns out the u.s. is spending $800 million in aid to pakistan. the white house team of staff says the u.s. will stop funding pakistan's military until the two countries can patch up their relationship. u.s. officials say pakistan has not lived up to pledges to uproot and disband taliban militia. tensions between the two countries increased since navy seals killed osama bin laden in may in pakistan. prince william and kate are
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comfortably back on british soil. they wrapped up their first official trip overseas since getting married. the duke and duchess of cambridge dazzled enthusiastic crowds at every stop in canada and in los angeles. the fully enjoy the trip and are hoping to return someday. >> i heard that they went home commercial. >> what? ipods they would be like broil -- i thought they would be like royal [unintelligible] >> this camera is in ijamsville maryland. not very hazy, but it is hot and
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sticky. something must be going on over at the football field. 88 degrees right now in stafford. when you factor in the humidity, it feels like 102. if 92 in woodbrige, feels like 101. chevy chase 92, feels like 99. martinsburg, 91, feels like 101. temperatures in the mid 90's this afternoon. 91 degrees in culpeper, 88 in southern maryland. when you factor in the humidity, it will feel like the mid 90's. probably 94 degrees or 95 by this afternoon. feeling more like 100. tomorrow we could have temperatures close to 100. the record for tomorrow is 98. that could fall tomorrow afternoon. wind out of the south and southwest, part of the reason the heat and humidity continue being transported in.
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the wind will sift through midweek. once it does, cooler, drier air will move in. it will feel kind of like the weekend, without the humidity. showers and storms in the upper midwest. we will watch to see if they come together for an isolated late-day or early morning shower. a couple storms possible tomorrow. we will go from high danske me to much more comfortable toward the end of the week. this afternoon, partly to mostly sunny, hot and sticky. maybe an isolated storm late tonight or early tomorrow morning. and then for the day on wednesday, tens of storms. mid 80's understand friday with sunshine. and sunshine on saturday. new dangers from second-hand smoke for children. is there a link to behave your problems?
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-- behavioral problems? >> i lost so much by the making a mistake. >> a visit to the bank turned into a nightmare. a customer landed behind bars for days. today on "oprah," twin sisters raped by their father and brother for years, now they have something to say to their
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i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescririptions.
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laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. captioned by the national captioning institute 7 on your side. new study that links exposure to secondhand smoke with the 50% higher risk of behavioral
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disorders in children. up to 80% of the children suffer from learning disabilities or behavioral disorders. the bank customers was mistakenly jailed for days and is suing chase for the error. he bought a home in washington state last year. as a first-time home buyer he qualified for $9,000 government rebate. he went to deposit the money into his account in the bank but the bank had closed the account because of overdrawn checks. he became suspicious, call police -- the tally became suspicious and called the police accusing the man of forgery. he was taken to jail and ended up spending five days in jail. >> i want an apology.
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i want them to do right by us and acknowledge what happened and the knowledge i was in jail for so long, losing my vehicle losing work. >> his car was towed it from the bank parking lot while he was in jail. since he did not have any money he cannot get his car out of the tso yards, so it was auctioned off. he says his life is not in the same since then. we will have a final look at the weather, coming up.
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here's a look at what is trending on the women's world cup victory over brazil. people are logging onto our photo gallery remembering betty ford. and cranking up the heat in the region with the summer heatwave. the weather is on the minds of many today. we had one temperatures this weekend, but this one is muggy. 90 or greater today. warmer tomorrow. slight chance of push-out was and thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow morning. mid 80's toward the end of this work week. today and tomorrow will be scorching. >> thanks for joining us. we will see you back here for "good morning washington" at
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